Smart Device Integration

Oakbloc provides a framework to integrate multiple smart medical devices for clinical trials. It enables a patient centric approach by implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept. Oakbloc also provides services to integrate the smart devices with existing IT infrastructure.

Smart Device Integration
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Solutions & Services

  • Accelerator
  • Smart device integration framework for securely accessing, transferring and storing the streaming data from smart devices on cloud storage (eg AWS) or on a local virtual image (Oracle VirtualBox with Linux OS)
  • Services
  • New Device Integration with IT systems


  • Quick new smart device integration with IT system
  • Bring your own devices - Multiple device variety use for Clinical Trial to save cost and flexibility to Patient
  • Level 2/3 technical support for integration problems
  • Reduced cost and time for device integration
  • Manage streaming real-time health Data