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What is an IoT?

IoT is a network of devices connected to the internet. IoT stands for Internet of Things where the things are the tiny sensors and actuators connected to each other through the internet. These things or devices generate raw data and transmits the data through various networking protocols such as MQTT, HTTP or Web Sockets over TCP/IP. The purpose of an IoT system is to process this telemetry data to produce insights which then can be used to perform certain actions. This feedback loop is used to perform preventive maintenance and remote monitoring. An IoT system is primarily composed of 3 components: 1. Edge - Physical devices 2. IoT Gateway - Acts as a bridge between the edge devices and the data systems. Usually located at edge locations. 3. Data Systems - Data System in cloud that allows to process and store the data, and perform analytics to derive insights and then communicate with the devices to perform actions.



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