Kalehdoo is a range of data and analytics product applications built by Oakbloc's innovative and experienced development team. Ready to take a peek?

Clinical Intelligence

Market Analytics & Competitive Intelligence

Clinical Trials landscape and outlook. Trends in clinical trial activity, trial design, and design outcomes. Insights driven approach for future prioritisation.

Patient Monitoring

Patient Analytics & Monitoring

Analyze and monitor patient health in Virtual Trials. Track patients with abnormal measurements. Analyze endpoints outcome results.

Virtual Trial Simulator

Design Virtual Study Experiment

Choose various study parameters to simulate a virtual study experiment. Analyze the data generated by the application and run statistical tests.

Clinical Site Finder

Find Recruiting Study Sites

Find a recruiting study site on a geographical map interactively for specific conditions. Useful for sponsors, patients, physicians, and special interest organizations.

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Kalehdoo Clinical Analytics Platform brochure

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