OakBloc Technologies

Re-imagining Clinical Trials & Healthcare With Emerging Technology Adoption

High Integrity Clinical Trial Data for Analysis and Approval

Helping the Pharmaceutical industry adopt new technologies to improve healthcare, drug research, and supply chain. The clinical trials industry is moving towards making clinical trials more patient-centric through the adoption of virtual trials and telehealth technologies.

Oakbloc enables and assists Clinical Trial Sponsors, CROs, Physicians, Researchers, Special Interest Organizations, etc. in the adoption of the emerging technologies: Big Data Analytics, AI/ML, Blockchain, Smart Device, and IOT in a variety of ways and combinations that will significantly advance the practice of clinical trials and remove or reduce some of the major challenges facing the industry. We are essentially technology solutions, service, and platform providers to the clinical trial and health care industries.

Oakbloc has developed technological accelerators, solutions, and platforms to accelerate the adoption of virtual clinical trial and telehealth by industry.

Mobile Clinic Platform
mobile clinic Virtual trials
  • Delivery of Trial Medication
  • Primary Health Checkup by Certified Nurse or eNurse
  • Medical Reading by Certified Nurse or Smart Devices
  • Lab work and Sample Collection
  • Options with or without certified nurse
e-Medical Assistant Platform
Artificial Intelligence Nurse Medical Assistant
  • Virtual Health check and Assessment by eMA
  • Video, Image, and NL processing and Analysis
  • Diagnose using ML, DL and AI techniques
  • Create Preliminary Assessment Report for Physician
  • Self Learning eMA Model
Smart Medical Devices Integration
Smart Medical Devices
  • Oakbloc Framework - Accelerator
  • Smart device integration framework for securely accessing, transferring and storing the streaming data from smart devices on cloud storage (eg AWS) or on a local virtual image (Oracle VirtualBox with Linux OS)
  • Quick new smart device integration with IT systems
  • Bring your own devices - Multiple device variety use for Clinical Trial to save cost and flexibility to Patient
  • Services
  • New Device Integration with IT systems
  • Level 2/3 technical support for integration problems
Kalehdoo Clinical Analytics Platform
Clinical Intelligence